General Information

Permits Needed for the Following:

Encroachment/ Driveway Permit – no excavation on Township roads may take place until a permit is attained from the permit clerk. No driveway, curb or sidewalk, shall be installed, altered or replaced prior to obtaining a driveway permit. Application may be obtained at the Township Office. Driveways abating a State road require a permit from PennDot. Contact the Lebanon PennDot Office at 717.270.8940. 

Peddlers Permit – Application may be picked up at the Township Office. The fee is $5.00 a day or $25.00 annually.

Building Permits – A building permit is needed for a change in use of a building or land, construction of a building, alteration in size or shape of a building, home occupation, signs or removal or relocation of a building. Please call our Zoning Officer at Lebanon County Planning 717.274.2801 EXT 4444 with any questions on how to obtain a permit. 


All of the Township Ordinances can be viewed online. Please go online or contact the Township Office to view any of the following ordinances in their entirety.

Recycling – The Township encourages its residents to recycle and has adopted an Ordinance to establish a program for the collection of recyclable material and to prohibit the disposal of recyclable materials into the conventional solid waste disposal garbage collection. 

Snow Removal – An Ordinance requiring the removal of snow, ice and slush from sidewalks and prohibiting plowing, pushing or shoveling snow, ice or slush upon any public street.  

If you have any questions about townships ordinances, please call 717.272.9841

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