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Sunoco Conditional Use Application

As you are aware West Cornwall Township Board of Supervisors are seeking to adopt a new zoning ordinance (primarily an update to the existing ordinance).

WCT has awarded a contract to the firm of Gannett Fleming, with their land planner Michelle Brummer heading up the project. The Township would like to have a “Team” consisting of the Supervisors, the Planning Commission, the Zoning Hearing Board, and the Township Engineer to advise, discuss goals and ideas, and recommend the updated ordinance.

The Supervisors are conducting a series of four (4) planning meetings, all scheduled the 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm. The dates are: 

  • Team meeting #1:  October 27, 2021 
  • Team meeting #2:  November 24, 2021  
  • Team meeting #3: December 22, 2021  
  • Team meeting #4: January 26, 2022   

I have attached a scope of work that the Supervisors put forth which is a starting point for the Land Planner, although it does not necessarily have to be the final product: 

  1. Keep same organization, table of contents, district designations in updated ordinance as are in the existing ordinance.
  2. Incorporate recent changes to C-1 and C-2 Districts into the older, codified text.
  3. Review the Comprehensive Plan with the team, and affirm which recommendations will still apply to the updated ordinance and zoning map.
  4. The current ordinance establishes a majority of permitted uses shall also be considered as Conditional Uses.   After discussion of this subject with team, evaluate and advise on which uses can be removed from Conditional Use status, and which should remain as Conditional Uses.
  5. Study development patterns of existing neighborhoods and villages within the township to gain an understanding of the inconsistencies between neighborhood layouts and zoning ordinance regulations.
  6. Study recently completed developments (since Comp Plan was completed) as well as proposed plans for a couple of new developments under consideration.  The Districts in which these developments are located may need to be tweaked, or rewritten in full to accomplish team’s desires to manage or control these developments.
  7. In regards to the two new developments under consideration, evaluate potential for a new Mixed Use Overlay District as a means to manage/control these developments, and advise team of your ideas in this regard.
  8. Create new District(s) designation to encompass older neighborhoods of the township, such as Mt. Gretna Campmeeting, where majority of lots and structures do not conform to the current District regulations.  Attend up to two additional meetings with team, and concerned citizens, in the course of creating this new District.
  9. Review and update Supplemental District Regulations.   Some are outdated. Some need to be revised. Some new regulations may need to be added to incorporate more modern planning techniques, or reflect land use issues adjudicated in Pa courts.
  10. Review and update parking, driveway, and access drive regulations and advise on suggested revisions or additions.
  11. Submit interim drafts of new ordinance (in digital format) to team for review and comment.    

The Supervisors hope you can attend these meetings and help us chart the future of the Township.


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